Photoguide -  walking from Ulverston railway station to Swarthmoor Hall

This walk takes about 15 minutes.

Note the map of Ulverston at the right of the station exit. Turn left as you go out of the station

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Continue up the station approach road.

109statioinapproach.jpg (698267 bytes)

Turn right at the top of the station approach road and keep on the right hand side of Springfield Road

300trunrightfromstation.jpg (252796 bytes)

The path to Swarthmoor Hall is on your right just before you come to the railings

330approachinggate.jpg (297086 bytes)

Look out for this signpost

335signpost.jpg (45250 bytes)


Go through the gate and along the path

340gate.jpg (285172 bytes)

...keep on...

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The path leads down into a small valley.

350thendowntothebridge.jpg (317767 bytes)

Go across the bridge and through the gate into the meadow. Use the kissing gate on the left rather than opening the field gate.

360bcrossthebridge.jpg (402378 bytes)


Walk across the meadow to the gate marked by the arrow


355acrossmeadowarrow.jpg (237410 bytes)

Approaching the gate

360andacrossthefieldtothegate.jpg (20247 bytes)

Go through the kissing gate on the left...

 365kissinggate.jpg (70368 bytes)

... and continue along the path

370thenaloghere.jpg (325190 bytes)

You'll see the Hall on your left. Don't go through this gate but continue along the path towards the road and the main entrance.

372throughgate.jpg (233490 bytes)

Continue past the outbuildings towards the gate at the end of the path. Caution - the gate opens on to a road with no pavement (sidewalk), so don't let children run ahead.

375outbuildings.jpg (333652 bytes)

Go through the gate. The Swarthmoor Hall entrance is immediately to your left. The road isn't very busy but nevertheless look out for traffic. Overseas visitors should bear in mind that we drive on the left.

380gatetoleft.jpg (360836 bytes)

There's a notice board displaying opening times, but check the website

385notice.jpg (112655 bytes)

This is the entrance to Swarthmoor Hall

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Map of Ulverston car parks and one way system