Photoguide -  walking from Ulverston railway station to Conishead Priory

This walk takes about 45 minutes.

If you are driving to Conishead from the M6 click here.

Visitors to Conishead Priory should check in advance with the website to ensure that it is open. The Priory is open to the public for most of the year, but is closed during the two major Buddhist festivals.

Note the map of Ulverston at the right of the station exit. Turn left as you go out of the station

102station.jpg (802811 bytes)


Continue up the station approach road.

109statioinapproach.jpg (698267 bytes)

Cross the road at the top of the station approach (overseas visitors take care - they sometimes drive on the wrong side of the road here!) .  Keep straight on down this hill (Conishead Road).

115downconishesd.jpg (544459 bytes)

Turn right at the bottom of Conishead Road.

119botconishead.jpg (799896 bytes)

And carry on along Park Road

122tdev.jpg (849624 bytes)

Past the former health centre on your right...

124healthcentre.jpg (923034 bytes)

...and the park on your left


125lightburn.jpg (767489 bytes)

....until you come to the junction with the A5087 (Coast Road) , where you turn right.

128dragley.jpg (208923 bytes)

Keep straight on along this road.

130fromdragley.jpg (861121 bytes)

There are some toilets on the left, for anyone who was inconvenienced by the lack of facilities at the station.

135toilets.jpg (237094 bytes)

This is the last shop before the Priory. You are now about 25 minutes walk away. Cross the road coming from your right and keep straight on.

137coop.jpg (275928 bytes)

Past the cemetery

145cemetery.jpg (882232 bytes)

Leaving the town behind and entering the Furness countryside. The Great Wall of Conishead is visible on the left hand side of the road in the distance.

160opencountry.jpg (947172 bytes)

The pavement (sidewalk) is now on the right hand side only. Keep going with the Great Wall on the left.

170greatwall.jpg (1015824 bytes)

....perhaps stopping for a moment to read the commemorative plaque...

171greatwallplaque.jpg (265886 bytes)

The 285 million years probably refers to the age of the limestone, rather than the time taken to build The Wall.

Not far now, the Priory comes into view over The Wall. Though neither Priory nor Wall are Inherently Existent, they do function conventionally as stable appearances to the mind  of the visitor. However, as with all compound phenomena, the Priory is subject to impermanence and is currently (2005) undergoing major structural repairs.

175conisheadoverwall.jpg (315792 bytes)

You're here!. Conishead Priory entrance and the southern end of the Great Wall.

177conisheadentrasnce.jpg (464722 bytes)


Map of Ulverston car parks and one way system